Locks for sliding doors

Durable and robust locks for sliding doors

Another category of accessories and hardware for the refrigeration world is represented by the locks for sliding doors.

MIV lock for sliding door is designed to achieve maximum performance and safety with minimal expense. It is to be placed on the outside of the door opening to secure it and protect it from intrusions of unauthorized personnel.

It is a product indisputably useful, intelligent, reversible, robust and especially stainless.

This protective system consists of a multi-lane boat with hook at the end, tied by an insert with release knob on the inside door and a lock with lock on the outside of the outer door.


This system, suitable for sliding doors, is available for both manual and automatic doors. The convenience and originality of this product is enclosed in its operating principle.

In case there is a man closed in the room, this latch has a system that allows to release the lock from inside. 

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