Hinges for cold room doors

Hinges, together with the handles for cold room doors, are a very important component in the refrigeration sector.

Both are in fact crucial nodes inside a door body: they determine the core of overall operation and the quality of the opening and closing.

MIV offers a range of hinges and handles designed to ensure maximum comfort and fluidity, taking into account the static and dynamic phases of operation and cyclical stresses to which these elements are subjected.

Within our hinges assortment, these are our most popular products:


Va e vieni hinge is a compact yet robust hinge, used for doors.

It allows the door flaps to rotate freely in both aperture directions around the vertical axis, allowing the swing handle to rotate by a total of 180 °

It is a hinge used in communication wards between wards, very common in wards where there are frequent accesses by staff, such as processing and food processing chambers


MIV 2013 hinge is another important hardware & accessory developed by MIV.

This product has a central heart consisting of 2 high-strength plastic ramps allowing the swing door to rotate/translate on the vertical axis and on a large hinged body.

MIV 2013 hinges are distinguished by their excellent resistance to load.

This allows clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation depending on the desired rotation direction and a simultaneous vertical displacement to allow the swing disengage in the opening phase and then reseal and go into compression on the gaskets during the closing phase, thus ensuring an optimal closure and thermal isolation of the door.

A complete adjustability on the vertical and horizontal axis and anti-burglary system complete the features of this great product.


The range of hinges for swing doors will be completed in 2017 with a new exclusive hinge for semi-recessed doors.

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MIV 2013 Hinge
Va e vieni Hinge