Handles and Latches for cold room doors

Handles and Latches for cold room doors

Cold doors handles, together with hinges, are an extremely important accessory in the refrigeration industry. They are crucial nodes inside a door body: they determine the core of overall operation and the quality of the opening and closing.

MIV offers a wide range of handles and hinges designed to ensure maximum comfort and fluidity, taking into account the static and dynamic phases of operation and the cyclical stresses to which these elements are subjected.

Another very important product is represented by the locks / latches for refrigerated doors, characterized by an attractive design and the quality of the best Italian manufacturing tradition. In the world of industrial refrigeration, it is important to have proven products that are easy to install and possess the best features and performance features.

For this reason, MIV has developed a range of articles within its range of products, depending on the specific requirements.

Here’s a brief introduction:


This latch is a “pull”-type latch that is equipped with an ergonomic wing on the outside of the door, and a “push” button on the inside door.

It is easy to handle, and it allows to open the door quickly and with very little force, while in the closing phase it requires a slight pressure to obtain a comfortable clamping, thanks to an adjustable back latch.

This type of product is entirely made of a special MIV mold, in a plastic material suitable for refrigerating doors and freezing cells.

This type of latch is provided with special internal spacers to adjust its adaptability to the most common shutter thicknesses and is additionally equipped with internal gaskets to provide the best thermal performance, limiting the effects of thermal dispersion.

It is undoubtedly one of our leading products, which has also been referred to by many competitors in the industry in recent years.

Another interesting product is our latch for sliding doors.

It is a latch designed to achieve maximum performance and safety with minimal expense. It is to be placed on the outside of the door opening to secure it and protect it from intrusions of unauthorized personnel.

It is a product, indisputably useful, intelligent, reversible, robust and especially stainless.

This protective system consists of a multi-lane boat with hook on the end, tied by an insert with release knob on the inside door and a lock with lock on the outside of the outside door.


A good handle is essential to determine the quality of a good sliding door.

In everyday life this element greatly influences the quality of access to cold rooms and is distinguished by being made of stainless materials that give it a good lightness and ease of maneuver.

MIV has been one of the first companies to develop and use a two-sided lever handle system in its sliding door production.

The success of the handle meant that, in the course of 2017, MIV will make the first restyling of this handle, in order to further improve an already high quality product.

The handle is suitable for assembly on medium to large sliding doors

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